A Must Watch for HR/ Payroll Team

Discover 'A Must-Watch for HR/Payroll Team,' a series that simplifies the complex world of taxes for HR and payroll professionals. Explore crucial topics such as perquisites, Form E, and the preparation of Form EA.

  1. How to Prepare Form EA
  2. Filing of Form E 2022
  3. Filing of Form E
  4. Perquisites (Remuneration Repackaging)

Tax Planning for New Business- New Entrepreneurs Must Watch

Explore the series and unlock the secrets to effective tax planning.Learn how to navigate tax planning for your new business, including understanding the tax implications of website development fees and a detailed comparison of te for types of business structures.

  1. Business Training Expenses
  2. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
  3. Sole Prop / Partnership / LLP / Company
  4. Cost of Developing Website
  5. Estimate of Tax Payable and Tax Installment Payments